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Aaaand we're off

Published: 2010-03-14
This is my last post here. I bought a domain, and set up the successor of this site at There's still much work to do there, but the basics are done. This site will stay here until 000webhost decides to wipe it. Some of the posts were migrated to the new blog, but not all by far.9 comments

Plans, plans, plans

Published: 2010-01-19

There's two rewrites coming for this site: the first will be a port from CodeIgniter to the Zend framework. Not because one is better than the other, but because Zend is more modular, and I'm going to need that for the second rewrite.

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SITREP, plans

Published: 2009-08-06

I haven't posted in a while, and you shouldn't expect a torrent of new content for a while. One reason is that I'm going to university! \.o./ To ELTE, to be exact. It's one of the major universities of Hungary; check out the English site here.
I'll learn lots of math and programming theory, so it should be really useful. Now to the interesting stuff...

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Fetch lyrics for MPD

Published: 2009-07-20

GUI music players usually have a built-in lyrics fetcher, or at least one available as a plugin. If you use mpd, and don't like the graphic front-ends, you'll have to use a script to get the lyrics. Here's mine.

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